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Barnwell Boatworks: LAUNCHED PROJECTS

Rowboat: Aurora Tender

Our latest build. The Aurora Tender is a 10' Lap-strake rowboat. It is is set up with rowing station and a 2.5 hp propaine outboard motor.

16' Runabout: Sea Sea

Launched a 16-foot mahogany runabout that’s based on a design by the famous naval architect John L. Hacker. (1877-1961) Sea Sea has a modern cold molded hull and is powered by a 30 hp Beta Marine Engine.

Brooks Picnic Launch: Stork

Restored a Defoe Picnic Launch built in Bay City, Mich., in 1906. The boat itself didn’t have much pedigree because it was built as a workboat so it’s amazing it survived 100+ years.


20' Gaff Sloop: Estella

We launched a new Dark Harbor 12½ named Estella in August 2014 after several years of on-again, off-again construction. The 20’ Gaff Sloop is planked in cypress over w. oak frames and bronze fastened throughout.


13.5' Centerboard Sloop

Designed and built a little 13.5’ centerboard sloop planked in mahogany on w. oak frames and copper riveted throughout. It set sail for the first time in August 2014.




Whitehall Rowboats

Classic Whitehall rowboats. Timeless design. White cedar on steamed oak frames.




32' R-boat: Bernida


Bernida is a Great Lakes sailing legend. This 32' r-class sloop was totally restored from the keel up. Check out our restoration page for more info about this classic boat.




22' Picnic Launch: Tilly

Tilly is a 22' Picnic Launch designed and built in house. It is planked in cypress over steam bent oak ribs. Power is a 10hp Beta Marine Diesel engine.

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Sea Sea's Launch in the Straits of Mackinac – Video
Launched Projects – Photo Gallery
Sea Sea
Sea Sea 2
Sea Sea transom
Bernida sailing
Bernida's finish
Bernida rigging
rope gunwale
Yacht tender
Estella sailing
Tilly at rest
picnic launch
leathered oars

For more images documenting the construction or restoration of these boats, check out the Services section.

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